Source code for aiida.calculations.importers.arithmetic.add

"""Importer for the :class:`aiida.calculations.arithmetic.add.ArithmeticAddCalculation` plugin."""

from pathlib import Path
from re import match
from tempfile import NamedTemporaryFile
from typing import Dict, Union

from aiida.engine import CalcJobImporter
from aiida.orm import Int, Node, RemoteData

[docs] class ArithmeticAddCalculationImporter(CalcJobImporter): """Importer for the :class:`aiida.calculations.arithmetic.add.ArithmeticAddCalculation` plugin."""
[docs] @staticmethod def parse_remote_data(remote_data: RemoteData, **kwargs) -> Dict[str, Union[Node, Dict]]: """Parse the input nodes from the files in the provided ``RemoteData``. :param remote_data: the remote data node containing the raw input files. :param kwargs: additional keyword arguments to control the parsing process. :returns: a dictionary with the parsed inputs nodes that match the input spec of the associated ``CalcJob``. """ with NamedTemporaryFile('w+') as handle: with remote_data.get_authinfo().get_transport() as transport: filepath = Path(remote_data.get_remote_path()) / '' transport.getfile(filepath, data = matches = match(r'echo \$\(\(([0-9]+) \+ ([0-9]+)\)\).*', data.strip()) if matches is None: raise ValueError(f'failed to parse the integers `x` and `y` from the input content: {data}') return { 'x': Int(, 'y': Int(, }