Source code for aiida.engine.processes.utils

"""Module with utilities."""

from import Mapping

from aiida.orm import Node

[docs] def prune_mapping(value): """Prune a nested mapping from all mappings that are completely empty. .. note:: A nested mapping that is completely empty means it contains at most other empty mappings. Other null values, such as `None` or empty lists, should not be pruned. :param value: A nested mapping of port values. :return: The same mapping but without any nested namespace that is completely empty. """ if isinstance(value, Mapping) and not isinstance(value, Node): # type: ignore[unreachable] result = {} for key, sub_value in value.items(): pruned = prune_mapping(sub_value) # If `pruned` is an "empty'ish" mapping and not an instance of `Node`, skip it, otherwise keep it. if not ( isinstance(pruned, Mapping) and not pruned and not isinstance(pruned, Node) # type: ignore[unreachable] ): result[key] = pruned return result return value