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"""Data plugin that models a stashed folder on a remote computer."""

from typing import List, Tuple, Union

from aiida.common.datastructures import StashMode
from aiida.common.lang import type_check
from aiida.orm.fields import add_field

from .base import RemoteStashData

__all__ = ('RemoteStashFolderData',)

[docs] class RemoteStashFolderData(RemoteStashData): """Data plugin that models a folder with files of a completed calculation job that has been stashed through a copy. This data plugin can and should be used to stash files if and only if the stash mode is `StashMode.COPY`. """ _storable = True __qb_fields__ = [ add_field( 'target_basepath', dtype=str, doc='The the target basepath', ), add_field( 'source_list', dtype=List[str], doc='The list of source files that were stashed', ), ]
[docs] def __init__(self, stash_mode: StashMode, target_basepath: str, source_list: List, **kwargs): """Construct a new instance :param stash_mode: the stashing mode with which the data was stashed on the remote. :param target_basepath: the target basepath. :param source_list: the list of source files. """ super().__init__(stash_mode, **kwargs) self.target_basepath = target_basepath self.source_list = source_list if stash_mode != StashMode.COPY: raise ValueError('`RemoteStashFolderData` can only be used with `stash_mode == StashMode.COPY`.')
@property def target_basepath(self) -> str: """Return the target basepath. :return: the target basepath. """ return self.base.attributes.get('target_basepath') @target_basepath.setter def target_basepath(self, value: str): """Set the target basepath. :param value: the target basepath. """ type_check(value, str) self.base.attributes.set('target_basepath', value) @property def source_list(self) -> Union[List, Tuple]: """Return the list of source files that were stashed. :return: the list of source files. """ return self.base.attributes.get('source_list') @source_list.setter def source_list(self, value: Union[List, Tuple]): """Set the list of source files that were stashed. :param value: the list of source files. """ type_check(value, (list, tuple)) self.base.attributes.set('source_list', value)