Documenting a pluginΒΆ

The aiida plugin template already comes with a template for documentation that just needs to be adjusted to your needs. In the following we, again, assume you wrote a plugin named aiida-compute:

  1. Modify docs/source/ template configuration file inserting the information about your plugin:

    • Replace aiida_plugin_template by aiida_compute

    • Replace aiida-plugin-template by aiida-compute

    • Modify intersphinx_mapping adding any other packages that are needed by your plugin

    • Update general information about the project:

      project = u'aiida-compute'
      copyright_first_year = 2017
      copyright_owners = "My Institution, Country"
  2. Populate or delete the individual documentation pages:

  3. Update the indices accordingly:

  4. Make sure that AiiDA docs dependencies sphinx and sphinx_rtd_theme are installed

  5. Generate the html documentation via sphinx:

    cd docs
  6. Host your documentation online on ReadTheDocs. Simply sign up and import your project. Make sure to add the path to the requirements file docs/requirements_for_rtd.txt and the Python configuration file docs/source/ in Admin => Advanced settings.

Note: When updating the plugin to a new version, remember to update the version number both in setup.json and aiida_compute/