Properties are configuration options that are stored in the config.json file (within the .aiida directory). They can be accessed and modified thanks to verdi devel commands:

  • delproperty: delete a given property.
  • describeproperty: describe the content of a given property.
  • getproperty: get the value of a given property.
  • listproperties: list all user defined properties. With -a option, list all of them including those still at the default values.
  • setproperty: set a given property (usage: verdi devel setproperty PROPERTYNAME PROPERTYVALUE).

For instance, modules to be loaded automatically in the verdi shell can be added by putting their paths (separated by colons :) in the property verdishell.modules, e.g. by typing something like:

verdi devel setproperty verdishell.modules aiida.common.exceptions.NotExistent:aiida.orm.autogroup.Autogroup

More information can be found in the source code: see