Provides import functionalities., group=None, silent=False, **kwargs)[source]

Import exported AiiDA archive to the AiiDA database and repository.

Proxy function for the backend-specific import functions. If in_path is a folder, calls extract_tree; otherwise, tries to detect the compression format (zip, tar.gz, tar.bz2, …) and calls the correct function.

  • in_path (str) – the path to a file or folder that can be imported in AiiDA.

  • group (Group) – Group wherein all imported Nodes will be placed.

  • silent (bool) – suppress prints.

  • extras_mode_existing (str) – 3 letter code that will identify what to do with the extras import. The first letter acts on extras that are present in the original node and not present in the imported node. Can be either: ‘k’ (keep it) or ‘n’ (do not keep it). The second letter acts on the imported extras that are not present in the original node. Can be either: ‘c’ (create it) or ‘n’ (do not create it). The third letter defines what to do in case of a name collision. Can be either: ‘l’ (leave the old value), ‘u’ (update with a new value), ‘d’ (delete the extra), or ‘a’ (ask what to do if the content is different).

  • extras_mode_new (str) – ‘import’ to import extras of new nodes or ‘none’ to ignore them

  • comment_mode (str) – Comment import modes (when same UUIDs are found). Can be either: ‘newest’ (will keep the Comment with the most recent modification time (mtime)) or ‘overwrite’ (will overwrite existing Comments with the ones from the import file).


New and existing Nodes and Links.

Return type



ArchiveImportError – if there are any internal errors when importing.