Source code for kiwipy.exceptions

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import concurrent.futures

__all__ = (
    'RemoteException', 'DeliveryFailed', 'TaskRejected', 'UnroutableError', 'TimeoutError',
    'DuplicateSubscriberIdentifier', 'CommunicatorClosed', 'InvalidStateError', 'QueueEmpty'

[docs]class RemoteException(Exception): """An exception occurred at the remote end of the call """
[docs]class DeliveryFailed(Exception): """Failed to deliver a message """
class UnroutableError(DeliveryFailed): """The messages was unroutable """ class TaskRejected(Exception): """ A task was rejected at the remote end """ class QueueEmpty(Exception): """Could not get the next message from the queue because it is empty""" class DuplicateSubscriberIdentifier(Exception): """Failed to add a subscriber because the identifier supplied is already in use""" class CommunicatorClosed(Exception): """Raised when an operation is attempted on a closed communicator""" class InvalidStateError(Exception): """Raise when an object is in an invalid state to perform the desired action""" TimeoutError = concurrent.futures.TimeoutError # pylint: disable=redefined-builtin